Political fundraisers are an important part of any campaign. They are thrilling, exciting, and nail-biting experiences. However, anyone who loves the industry will tell you that they are fun. They are stressful, however. It makes sense to make sure that this activity is as painless as possible so that you can reduce that stress as much as possible. The best way to do this is to use tools made for the purpose. 

The Problem with Most Payment Processors:

The problem with some beginner campaigns is that they choose to use systems that are not well suited to the idea that it is donated money. Most of the platforms you will find in the wild are for e-commerce. The fact that they are for e-commerce means that they probably have hidden fees and higher rates for transactions. Those higher fees and hidden fees will eat away at your donations. It will leave you with far less money than you thought you would. You are competing against someone or a group of people, therefore, you need all the money you can get to compete. Something hard to do when your donation processor is charging you an arm and a leg for every transaction that goes through their system.

Making Political Fundraisers Easier and Keeping More of the Donations For the Campaigns:

Fundraising is extremely difficult. It is even harder if you are inexperienced and do not have the name recognition that some of your competitors might have in their corner. If you are a smaller candidate then you will have to run your campaign smarter to compete. Subsequently, keeping as much of your donations as possible is very helpful for your political future and your overall chances of winning. What are you looking for then when you go searching for a donation processor. You want one that is not going to charge you hidden fees. Moreover, you want them to charge as much as a flat fee as you can get. 

Companies Specially Made for Donations and Political Fundraisers:

Finally, they should understand the realities and the idiosyncrasies of working with a client or organization like yours. Do companies like this exist? The answer is yes. The catch is that you have to have the right legal structure to work with most of them. Most of them want you to have an EIN. Therefore, you will have to create a more corporate structure before you can start using their services. It is worth your while to speak to your experts and find out if this is what you should be doing in your campaign.

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