online giving is rarely too late

Timing is an issue in any endeavor, however, it might be a bigger factor in your fundraiser, church, or event. Why? It is because people have different pay cycles. Not everyone is getting paid at the same time. If we were then it would be much easier to figure out when services should charge for their wares. However, that is not the case. Therefore, the timing of you asking for a donation, in person, may not correspond with the requisite time frames of those people who would donate if they had the money.

Online giving bypasses this problem. A person does not have to be in the same room as you in order to donate. In fact, they may not even have to be on the same continent at all. They can donate on their time and when they get paid as long as you have not assigned or need to adhere to specific time frames. If this event is an ongoing thing then it will not matter if they donate at 2:00 p.m. or 2:00 a.m. The donation will go through without needing someone to be there physically to take it.

We also have to factor in peer pressure. There are people who donate because of peer pressure. However, there are some people who do not donate as much as they want to or could because of peer pressure. Donating a large amount of money in front of other people can have consequences. It may look like someone is trying to upstage another which most people want to avoid. It also can reveal that someone is doing well which may cause jealousy elsewhere.

The internet brings a certain level of anonymity. Therefore, a person can donate as much or as little as they want without fear of scrutiny or judgment. Someone would have to be looking over their shoulder as they donate to your cause online for anyone to know about it for the most part. Therefore, mobile giving or online giving to a charity or cause is helpful when the giver wants to be discreet for their own purposes.

There is almost no one out there who has not forgotten their wallet or purse when they left the door. If you rely on in-person giving then you could miss out on some important donations if this occurs. If it happens at a critical juncture then you are stuck without that payment. However a person, in this scenario, can make the donation later instead of having to wait a full week to do it. A lot can happen in a week, therefore, it is best for you to take your support however you can and when you can. You should also focus on being able to collect that donation on the giver’s time and not yours. A very helpful situation if you want to increase how much your cause is making when it collects donations.

Free your cause from only being able to accept donations when someone can physically take the donation. Use a donation platform, like us, to help collect your donations. Read more about our offerings on the homepage.

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