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The real answer, of course, depends on which CRM you are running and how it runs on your non-profit computer. A popular thing to do right now is to run in the cloud. If your CRM is running in the class and you may not need as much power as you think you do. It is not to say that you should not have any power in your computer because there is a minimum requirement to run certain programs. Not having that minimum requirement will mean that you will have slow processing because your computer is the limiting factor.

What is the limiting factor a limiting factor is a factor that slows down the rest of the processes. Subsequently, this means that there is something that is slowing down the processing of your CRM between your device and the software itself. Theoretically, in most cases, the software and your device are two separate entities. Viewing time. This is not true is if you are inside of the CRM company and using the system itself. Therefore, it is possible that the CRM and your device are the same things. However, this is very unlikely because most of these programs are moving into the cloud. There is also the case where the CRM could exist on a local machine in your area, but this is becoming far less common. It is still a practice that is in use and some industries like the automobile industry. Therefore, what you need to do is figure out where the limiting factor resides and optimize those specific things so that it is no longer the limiting factor in your business or the CRM that you are using.

Limiting Factor – Their Non-Profit CRM Computer or Yours

You need to ask yourself whether or not the limiting factor is your computer. Conversely, it could also be the server who is serving up the information. Most people believe that it is their computer that is causing the problem, which is not always the case. There are other problems that could be in the way, such as a bad internet connection. However, this is not true. If your CRM resides on your local machine. It is more of a question if the CRM is residing on a cloud server. Let us look at both cases more in-depth.

Where Does the Non-Profit CRM Exist?

If your CRM system exists in the cloud, then you need to look at if your Wi-Fi signal or ethernet cable is not delivering the Internet speeds that you need. We all know that time is a factor when it equates to doing business. People, like a company, have a short amount of time in which they can deal with something like a nonprofit donation. Subsequently, you need to make sure that your donation process is as streamlined as possible. Streamline means that it is as fast as possible as well. It needs to work every time and quickly every time. If it fails to do so then you could be losing out on donations that you should be getting. The possible bottlenecks in the system are your Wi-Fi or Internet card. The Internet connection itself. Finally, possibly you could have a problem processing the information coming from the Internet. If that is the case then you need to look at your RAM or possibly your processor.

Non-Profit CRM on a Local Machine in Your Organization

If your CRM runs on a local machine then what you need to look at is your processor, RAM, and your hard drive. This assumes that you are using a network in your business and that network is in good repair. Networks can have problems from time to time and that could cause your computers to have problems when they go to access your local server machine. However, your local server machine also needs to have a certain amount of speed and able to do the processing that it needs to do for the other computers.

What to Look at When It Is Time

Therefore, you need to look at your RAM, hard drive, and processor to make sure that they are up to par with what you need them to do. Again, this is one of the places where you want to look at your hard drive first. If you have a server machine, then you want to use an NVMe hard drive or an SSD hard drive. You could use a normal everyday hard drive which would give you the functionality of having a lot of room if you buy the right size of our drive. However, if you are concerned with speed, then NVMe or SSD is the way to go as far as accessing and outputting data.

RAM and Your Non-Profit CRM Computer

After that is sorted out. Then you want to look at the RAM. If you are going to introduce the amount of RAM your computer has then you need to look up what type of RAM it accepts and how much it accepts as well. You cannot just use any RAM and install it on your computer. Furthermore, every motherboard only accepts a certain amount of RAM. You do not want to waste money. Make sure to look at this before you go out to shop. A processor may be in order but usually, it is the last thing that most people look at for good reason. It is possible that it is the limiting factor, but the other two things, that being a hard driveTablet or RAM amount are more often the problem.

If It Is Fast On Your Phone then Your Non-Profit CRM Computer Needs an Upgrade

A final thing you may want to consider when you are doing the things your nonprofit business need to do is that if you have access to your CRM through your phone and it is fast, then the problem is most likely your computer. The truth is that you probably have a better phone that is more updated than your computer. It may be a good way to tell if it is time to upgrade your computer because it is not capable of doing what you needed to do. Of course, this only really works if you are using it.

Cloud-Based CRM

If CRM is cloud-based. If you are using a CRM that is on a local server then you are subject to that computer speed. Plus your Wi-Fi speed. It takes a little bit more troubleshooting to figure out which one is actually slowing you down. It is highly likely that you are going to upgrade your hard drive and RAM before you figure out where the culprit is in your business. However, getting more speed introduced into your business or organization is rarely ever a bad thing.

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