church budget shortfalls nightmare

Church budget shortfalls happen to the best of churches. If you deal with your flock then you deal, in theory, with a finite amount of people. What happens to them affects you directly because you are local. Your reach and your focus are mostly local which is a good thing. You know your flock intimately and you know your area and the specific needs of those people. It can, however, be a big problem if everyone is a little bit down on money. You know, as any church does, that the effect of economics on your area of service can quickly affect the services your church provides. There are times when local is not enough. You may have to look at more creative ways of generating donations so that you can continue serving your community.

Extending your reach online is a good way to do this but it is daunting. Most churches do not have a great grip on how to do social media let alone run a Youtube channel, a Twitch channel, or any other type of newer social media system. Frankly, most religious leaders just do not have the time to do so and they lack the expertise. However, that does not mean you should not find people who can do this for you. It is very likely that someone in your flock does know and is willing to help with these things for you. You need to supervise the content that is going out of your channels to make sure that it is in line with the message you one to send out to the marketplace.

Extending Your Reach and Limiting Church Budget Shortfalls:

The idea is to extend your reach much further than you could in your local area. You generate sermons and other pieces of writing that are valuable to people. If you record them or put them in a format where you can disseminate that information across the internet then you will find people who like your offerings. They will consider themselves a part of your community and they will be much more likely to support your ministry over time. How effective that arm of your ministry will be is entirely up to you. But, you cannot get there by not trying to grow. It is something you must consider. You can find ways of keeping your church going even when times are thin around your local area. Once you have generated your digital flock then you can begin the process of getting donations from the flock.

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