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ChatGive uses a smooth chat interface to guide your church through a seamless giving experience.

Our tools enable your organization to collect donations quickly and securely.

The Giving Button is the most effective way to add giving to every page of your website. Providing an instant giving experience for your donors.

The stand alone giving widget can be easily embedded on any page of your website, squeeze page or church app.

Your dedicated giving link can be shared on social networks or added to any print material to easy access to your giving portal.

Allow donors to text your dedicated giving number to trigger your customized giving flow and donate through sms.

61% of donors using ChatGive choose to cover the fees, saving the average church $140 a month in fees.

Donor Management

Donor management is built directly into ChatGive. Users can be integrated into over 2,000+ apps through Zapier.

Recurring Donations

Automated donations are the #1 way to grow your donor base. ChatGive makes it easy for your users.

Deeply Integrated

Integrated with over 2,000+ apps across the web, ChatGive fits into your stack with a few clicks.

48% More Giving

By using a chat widget on your website you can increase your gifts by 48%.

79% Prefer Chat

In a recent study 79% more people engaged with chat bubbles than they did with forms.

10% Larger Tithes and Offerings

Websites using chat see an average of 10% larger transactions than websites without chat.

Tandem Giving™

The first giving platform that syncs donations across other giving platforms.

Simplified, innovative pricing.

No subscription, contract, or monthly fee.

2.5% per Transaction

That’s for CC, ACH, and Amex. Yep, crazy we know.

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