Online and offline are the two ways that people can develop their church giving habits for their local church or ministry. Either one works well but there are advantages and disadvantages to doing one of the other. Honestly, doing both is not a bad idea as it allows your church or ministry room to grow and breathe. However, more on that later on in this article. which one is right for your organization? the real answer is that it really depends. It depends on your organization. You need to ask yourself some serious questions such as who your clientele is and what your church or ministry does. There are some churches and ministries that are only a donation platform away from increasing their tithes.

Small Churches and Church Giving Habits Around Smaller Churches

Of course, there is the other side of the spectrum where this will take a lot more work to get done. For example, if you live on a small island like Revilla island in Alaska then you may want to consider beefing up your internet strategy. The truth of any local marketing situation is that the market is only so big. It is when you open up your business to the wider world that you again the ability to exponentially grow your message.

Large Churches and Church Giving

However, if you are a large church then you probably do not understand what the fuss is over getting a bigger internet presence. If you are large enough then you probably wonder why everyone else has a hard time keeping the lights on because it is relatively easy for you to have enough and some extra. However, this does not mean that you should not be extending your reach as well.

The Pandemic, Your Ministry, and Church Giving

The truth is that the world went little nuts and people could not meet anymore. the situation not only hurt the business world but also hit close to home. It was highly likely that your ministry or church was affected because you get your donations through being together. If you cannot be together then it is harder to get the money you need.

Going Online

Going online and getting your donations there is the answer here. The side effect of this action is that you stand a pretty good chance of increasing the size of your community. You just have to gear some of your content, which you are already producing for your Sunday sermons and other events, to go on the internet. The more people find and like your content the more you will generate donations. More donations mean that you can do more locally and nationally/globally. You may gain a lot by adding an online version of your church to the internet if you do it correctly.

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