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One of the biggest choices you will make when you are deciding to run a fundraiser is who is going to process your donations or who is going to supply political campaign software for donations. Most people think this is easy but making the quick and easy selection could leave you with a far smaller share of the collected donations. Therefore, being careful and researching who you will work with is important. 

The Problem With Non-Political Campaign Software

What is the problem? The problem is that most of the big box outfits like working with and make most of their money by working with companies that are “for-profit”. They can get away with charging these outfits more money. However, for an organization like you, this eats into your day to day operations. If you are a non-profit then you find that you can help fewer people. If you are a politician then you find you can use fewer methods to advertise your message. If you are a church then you find you can do less in your community. All of it means that you lack money which is something you do not want. 

You Are Doing the Hard Work – You Should Keep Most of the Donation Because Of It

Keep in mind that you, of course, are doing the work of finding these people and getting them to donate. Why is that you have to give so much of your donations to these people? It is a problem that you might even know that you have in the beginning. A lot of other non-profit organizations just select a big-box provider and live with the fees. The truth is that you do not have to do so. You just have to put in some time and effort researching what else is out there to find something better. 

Specialized Political Campaign Software for Donation Purposes

What you will find is that you have the option of working with payment processors who specialize in your type of organization. They deal with, almost exclusively, companies that only do non-profit activities. What that means, for you, is that they focus on taking less of the share of the pie and they try to charge a flat fee for their services as much as possible. 

Political Campaign Software and How It Affects How Much You Keep from Donations

If you choose the right provider then there is no need to figure out how much you will actually get if they use a Mastercard on a Tuesday instead of a Friday. It is all the same price all the time which means you can accurately determine how much you will get from a donation. It also makes it easy to figure it out on the fly. Let us face it, you do a lot of things on the fly. Therefore, having a quickly understandable way to figure out how much you will make is a good thing.

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