Do you need non-profit van insurance? The quick answer to this question is yes. Of course, you need insurance for your vehicle because you need it for your registration. You do not want to be pulled over and not have any insurance on this vehicle. However, let us look at all the other situations in recent history where you would want insurance on your nonprofit vehicle. There are some people who are in the very beginning of their nonprofit organizations’ history.

These are people who use their own personal vehicle as their main vehicle for their nonprofit organization. Any use of a vehicle should always have insurance because you never know when an accident will happen. You need to be covered so that any damage that occurs to your vehicle or to someone else’s property is covered by the insurance. The truth is that most of these accidents are very expensive and would take a major financial hit on the organization or the owner. Therefore, Insurance helps mitigate that risk and that is a major reason why you should have it on your side.

Personal vs Non-Profit Use of a Vehicle

You should have insurance when you drive personally or for the expressed use of your nonprofit business. If you purchase your insurance correctly then your insurance should cover you and your employees. Whereas, most personal insurance, usually only carries coverage for the person who bought the insurance. It is true that employees may have their own insurance for their own driving purposes. However, you should have insurance for your business so that it is properly protected if an accident happens. Again, accidents are very expensive and will usually set your business back by a lot. You want to avoid this by making sure that your coverage will help you in your time of need. You need it to help if and when it does come.

Non-Profit Van Insurance and Your Volunteers

It is also helpful if you have volunteers who help your organization over the short-term. There are many cases where volunteers transport your valuable equipment for some kind of event. They can get into accidents as well. You do not want to face liability risk by not having insurance to cover the van and the property. Keep in mind we are not just talking about your property but the property of others as well. It just makes good financial sense to have good coverage over both the van. Moreover, it is also a good idea to cover whoever is driving in the name of your business at that point. It is something to keep in mind if you plan to have volunteers do anything for your organization.

Non-Profit Van Insurance and PR Nightmares

You also have to consider what the PR nightmare would be if you do not have insurance if a volunteer causes an accident. The community in your area will learn that you were not prepared. Therefore you will lose support in the area. Not only will you lose donations and people visiting your fundraisers but you will have a harder time in the future getting people to trust your organization. It will be a problem that you will have a hard time recovering from if you do not deal with the problem in advance by getting a good insurance policy.

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