A lot of people do not understand what a non-profit music company does, however, that does not mean that you are not important. There are several good companies out there providing music to those who have a hard time accessing it for medical or other reasons. Subsequently, that means that you need donations as much as any other non-profit. However, getting your message out there can be difficult. A lot of other charities get the limelight while you may not get as much publicity. It does make your job even harder. Moreover, it makes the thought of keeping as much as you can out of that donation as possible important. 

Non-Profit Music Fundraising and Big Box Payment Providers

Unfortunately, a lot of companies, like yours, go the big box route of collecting their donations. The truth is that these companies do not work with nonprofits often. Therefore, the realities of what you need and how your business works are foreign to them. It is highly likely that they are going to take too much money and leave your company in a bad situation. Finding a company that works with companies like yours is paramount to your success. It also helps your business become scalable because you do not have to worry about hidden fees and when the company is going to find a way to tack another on to your donation.  

Non-Profit Music Fundraising and Getting Treated Like a Non-Profit

If you run a non-profit then you want a company that is sensitive to your needs and treats you like a non-profit. It should not treat you like a small-time “for-profit” company. It does not matter if you are creating the music or getting the performers. Subsequently, it is difficult to get the equipment, pay the band, and organize the whole production. All to make sure you are providing entertainment for some of the needy people out there. You are doing the hard work of getting that done plus generating the donations. You should be getting the lion’s share of the donation proceeds. However, that is not always the case with some of the payment providers in the marketplace.

Work with a company that understands you and charges a flat fee for credit cards, ACH, and AMEX. Find out about our non-profit fundraising collection service by visiting that link.

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