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A dream of many nonprofit companies out there is to own a non-profit commercial van that they can use for their services? Why a van? The ability to transport people and/or transport things. The truth is that most nonprofit companies need to maximize the use cases of whatever it is that they own. However, it is not always easy to tell what type of van a nonprofit should be buying for their uses. There is the typical style of vans that are popular but most nonprofits would like higher-end models. If you are in a position to get one of these models then you may need help figuring out what is best for you.

The Most Popular Commercial Van Types for a Non-Profit Commercial Van

The most popular types of these vans are Promaster, Sprinters, and the Transit. The truth is that any of these will do well for most people. They all are impressive vehicles that do what their users need them to do. They all have a decent amount of torque and, fortunately, they all have good levels of upgradability. They are so popular that one of the recent inauguration crews made use of a lot of Transit vans in their motorcade. They made use of them when they escorted the then President-elect to the capitol a day before the inauguration. If they are good enough for a President-elect then it is highly likely it will be good enough for your use as well.

A Non-Profit Commercial Van and Shock Upgrades

What are the things that most non-profits like to upgrade if they can? Shocks are usually one of the biggest items to upgrade. The reason why is that shocks help smooth out rides which really helps if you are transporting a fragile object. For example, if you are doing a political fundraiser where you are selling cakes then you want those cakes to arrive in a good condition. It makes sense to have shocks that can handle the inconsistencies in the road. There are several types of shocks out there but the ones that tend to impress the most are airbag based shocks. It may seem like this is a funny thing to say but the airbag adjusts to the inconsistencies and delivers a ride that is about as seamless as possible. If you are transporting something like cakes or medical supplies then you want these on your side.

The Other Popular Upgrade for a Non-Profit Commercial Van – Swivel Seats

Another extremely popular upgrade is a swivel seat. It is pretty much what it sounds like in the name. It allows the seat to swivel to the back. If you get a good kind then you do not have to open your door to use it. There are versions where you do have to open your door which is not what you want. If you do events out of your van such as shows or other types of fundraisers then this might be an invaluable addition to your van. However, most people, laypeople, use this for their own comfort. Upgrading the shocks of your van is probably going to give you the most bang for your buck out of the two. It gives you that smooth ride you want.

Why Not Keep the Original Shocks?

It is also true that most vans cut a corner when installing stock shocks. It is not to say that they are not safe. It is to say that they are not optimized and most mechanics would recommend replacing them as soon as possible. If you are doing commercial like work then it makes even more sense. You want your fundraising activities to be smooth and as stress-free as possible. Worrying about bumps in the road is not a great thing when you are trying to stay calm before or after an event.

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