Health events have made donating to a church much harder. Obviously, this is a problem for a lot of ministries because they depend on this money to do their services. Therefore, these churches and ministries must have an alternative way to get this money or look at bleak prospects. Those prospects may even include shutting their doors. No one wants this at all. A lot of these places face the difficult choice of reducing their services to make ends meet. Something that will have very adverse effects on the church and the community it serves online and offline.

It is an all too familiar problem for these churches these days. Churches need to generate money and they need their people to support them through attendance. However, attendance is dangerous and could be a problem. Subsequently, a way to generate these donations without physical attendance is important. Online giving and text donations may be the answer that a lot of these ministries and churches need.

IT Help From Your Flock – Can They Help You With Generating Donations or Managing It?

Unfortunately, it is not a normal thing for most churches to do. In fact, it is confusing for a lot of churches to set it up. It is because most churches do not have a dedicated IT team and, in this case, it would be extremely helpful. Looking into the community to find help is a great way to go. Most churches can find someone who is tech-savvy and wants to help. However, most of them are going to lack the knowledge or experience to find an appropriate payment processor for the church.

For-Profit Providers vs Non-Profit and Generating Donations Without Hidden Fees

Why? It is because most of the most popular ones are or have been developed for businesses that are “for-profit”. The designation means that they, usually, take a lot more in fees because there is a lot of more money flowing through the systems. Hidden fees and exorbitant fees will eat into the money you need to run your ministry or church. Therefore, finding a platform that provides everything you need without charging you undue amounts of fees.

Finding one of these businesses is harder than it sounds. There are a lot of choices out there. However, there are not a lot of choices that make it simple for you to understand how much you are going to be charged. Luckily, this makes your choices simple when it comes time to figure out who you are going to work with in the future.

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