The government has enacted policies that will help people get digitally literate. A skill set that is necessary in our increasingly digital world. It has set aside 42.5 billion dollars and 2.75 billion dollars for this purpose. The money is located in initiatives that they are calling the “Broadband Equity and Deployment program.” The 2.75 billion is located in the Digital Equity Act which should be confused with the Broadband Equity and Deployment program. 


The federal government will be allocating this money to your local governments such as your state government. They believe that this will be a better use of the money because these outfits know their areas better than the federal government would. It would cost the government more money to find the necessary manpower and knowledge to do the job as well as the local and state government agencies would. 


Any people are asking what is included in these programs. The aim is to provide the policies, tools, and programs that will help people become more integrated with their digital worlds and how those worlds interact with their real worlds on a local level. It is the hope that they can contribute more and possibly make more money in their current or future jobs. 


What does the Digital Equity Act do? It is designed to deliver grant programs. The programs are two in number. They would be provided to the states. The aim of this program is to improve the digital equity of those states and people who participate in the progress. 


If that is for the states and helps people and governments then what does the other program do? The system provides funding for states to develop their broadband infrastructure. There are many areas where the internet is slow and this program, the Program for Broadband Equity Access and Deployment, will aid in making sure those areas are lessened and their access is increased. What about the subgrantees of the programs? Who can they be? The answer is that they can be cooperatives. They can also be non-profit organizations. A great boon for both of these types of organizations. 


What are the requirements? The federal government is requiring that the states provide goals that are measurable. Of course, they have to be related to the goal of making the USA more digitally equitable as it relates to its citizens who live all over the nation.

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