crowdfunding a musician

Crowdfunding albums is the thing to do. We all know that getting studio space, hiring the producer, getting beats or music to sing or rap on, renting instruments, and so forth is very expensive. Honestly, it is probably a lot more expensive than you can handle. Everyone would love their own studio but that is not always a probability for everyone. Sometimes the best thing to do is to spread the cost across the people in your network. Friends, family, and the like.

The problem is that you have to choose which platform to use to deliver this campaign. There are a lot of choices out there. Not all of them are appropriate for what you are trying to do, however. Some of them double-dip into your donations. They take when they get the donation and they take when it comes out into your pocket. A problem when you only have exact change as it were in respect to the cost of making your album. Nothing feels worse than getting so close to your goal only to have it ripped away.

All Or Nothing Crowdfunding:

We should not forget that some platforms have an all or nothing approach. You either generate the money needed to make the album happen or you get nothing. What is worse is that it all gets refunded. However, what they do not tell you is that the refund may not be a real return because they still take their share before your friends, family, or fans get their money back. Someone is losing on the deal and the company is going to make money even though you never delivered value to you or your donors. 

The best thing you can do is use a crowdfunding solution that gives you a flat fee. If it has a flat fee then you know what you are going to end up paying out. You can figure out if you are going to have enough money or not for your album. Also, what is extremely useful, is if they make it easy for people to donate. Widgets, text giving, giving through chat, and more should all be supported. They should all be to make it easy for you to collect money to make that album you want to release. 

If you want to fund your album with all of the above mentioned in the last paragraph then you may want to consider our offering. You get the widgets, chat giving, and more. You also get a flat fee that does not charge amounts for CC, ACH, or AMEX. If you hate being confused then you should give us a try.

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