Considering doing a charity stream on a streaming platform for stream donations? It is a great thing to do. However, if you are looking to maximize the amount you can donate thing you need to think about a few things beforehand. It all looks easy to us on the other side of the webcam. It looks like you just have to show up and do the stream. You also have to mention your charity every once in a while then see how much you have raised for your favorite charity. The truth is that it can be that easy. But, if you want to maximize your ability to donate money, then you need to take a few steps more. 

Tax Structures, Streaming Donations, and Their Platforms:

People who have a tax structure have a leg up. Why? They have more options. You, as a sole entity, lack something called an EIN. A lot of the non-profit friendly donation platforms require you have to have one of these corporate structures because they want you to have an EIN. Therefore, having a structure helps you quite a bit. 

Popular Payment Processors and Your Stream Donations:

Why would you want to work with one of these businesses when there are other more popular payment providers? The answer is that they understand what non-profits need a higher cut of the donations than other services. They, for the most part, use less hidden fees, and finally, they charge less. What that means is that your hard-earned donation money finds itself maximized. More of what you manage to raise will be delivered to the charity of your choice if you are using the right platform. 

Links to make Stream Donations in Chat:

Most streamers use a link to a page where people can donate. The donators click through and use a donation button in order to make their contribution. It is a fairly simple set up as long as a person has the ability to open a website, even temporarily, for use in this endeavor. Otherwise, people have been known to use one of the bigger payment processors and an email dedicated to the charity stream. Obviously, they are not going to use their own personal address for common sense issues. You can easily do this using the specially made payment processors that typically work with non-profit organizations. 

What You Can Do to Maximize Your Donations to the Charity of Your Choice:

In the end, if you have the right structure and you select the right platform then you can follow the same path as set by others. However, you will be better equipped to make bigger donations.  Or, at least, donations with far less taken out of them. A good place to be if you like being efficient. Also, if you like knowing you have done everything you can do. You have done everything you can to help a charity do more of what they do best.

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