Graphics for a non-profit

The truth is that fundraising or getting donations is a subset of eCommerce and graphics for a non-profit might not be the best answer for your problems. How does that work? There are only a few things you need to do to have a successful eCommerce site. You have to get traffic, you have to get the traffic in a way that is economical, and you have to convert that traffic. However, most business owners look at this funnel with the end in mind before they look at the front of the funnel. Meaning, graphics are rarely the best thing you can do for your business in the beginning. The old adage is that people will come if you build a better mousetrap. The truth is that is true as long as you can keep the doors open until they start coming. Word of mouth can happen but relying on it is a recipe for disastrous consequences. 

What Do You Do – Do You Not Still Need Graphics For A Non-Profit?

You have to build the traffic first. Why? Any product, no matter how strong it is, will daily if it does not have traffic to support it. Of course, this relies on the fact that you have a product that is, at least, serviceable. If you push a product that is not ready or is inferior then you teach people that you have an inferior product. It does not matter how pretty the packaging that product comes inside. If it cannot get the job done then it will not do well in the marketplace. It will do well for a very short amount of time with traffic, however. If you want long-term success then you set yourself up for success. You do that by making sure your product can deliver then you make sure that it gets in front of the people who want to buy your product.

Where Do Graphics for a Non-Profit Organization Come Into Play?

They come into play during the conversion cycle. The honest truth is that what you think is the best design for a customer may not be the best design for a customer. Assumption is a huge problem in marketing. A lot of people want to assume that their competitor’s marketing is the answer because it does well. However, the answer just might be that it does well in spite of the marketing. There are many reasons that this is true. They could have been first to market or their product is so good that people ignore the look of the product or packaging. The answer to this is testing the packaging to make sure that it is, actually, what the customers want. Testing is the key to getting to the right answer. Most companies or organizations gloss over this fact because they want to be competitive. However, your competitor should be worrying about what you are doing instead of you trying to copy what they are doing. 

How This Affects You and Your Organization

What does this have to do with you as a non-profit organization? You may feel like that better graphics might help you get more donations. The truth is that it just made be so but that depends on the maturity of your organization. It is possible for some organizations to have enough traffic. If you are one of these organizations then it makes sense to pay attention to your conversion factors. However, most organizations are not in this place and should focus on traffic first. Once you have traffic then you can test to make sure your message is correct. You can tailor your message and your graphics towards people who are predisposed to donate to you or attending your fundraising events.

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